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Hatboro Office Building
Delaware Valley Concrete
Montgomery County

The task here was to renovate the old Hatboro Borough maintenance garage building into the corporate offices for Delaware Valley Concrete.  To make more space, half of the roof was lifted up, and a new second floor was built under it.  The materials had to reflect the business of selling concrete.  Red doors and windows were special special coatings.  The interior has a sky lighted reception core.  The facility also includes the testing laboratory.  Exterior paving is textured "stamped" concrete.  The building has a high tech image, without a "high" budget.
Front Elevation
The front elevation facing County Line Road (mixing towers in the background)
 Front during construction
The front at dusk showing stamped concrete paving
The rear at dusk
rear detail
Detail of the rear entrance to the laboratory
The reception desk under the sky light
pres office
The President's office
Board Room
The conference/board room

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