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Site Planning

Space Planning

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Lower Makefield Shopping Center.
Warren-Farringer House (pad site)
668 Stony Hill Road
Yardley, PA  19067

Lower Makefield Township, Bucks County, PA.  Special historic  requirements apply.

GC is Rapp Building and Construction
Willow Grove, PA
Coordinate with GC for work descriptions and options.

Township of Lower Makefield
1100 Edgewood Road
Yardley, PA 19067-1696
267-274-1120, Bob Habgood coordinates permit reviews.

Drawings with revision date of April 04, 2011 can be viewed or plotted from files below.  Files are formated for 24"x36" sheets.  Do not scale any resized files.

Sheet 1: Site and Location Plan

Sheet 2: 1/4" scale Floor Plans

Sheet 3: 1/4" sclae Exterior Elevations

Sheet 4: 1/2" scale Construction Details

Sheet 5: Notes and Specifications

Pre-Work photos as of Summer of 2010

As seen from Stony Hill Rd.

Below: Back Entrance Deck
Below: Back Entrance Deck

Below: Concrete Repairs
Below: Gutter Brackets

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