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Link to Eric's Notes and Local History Timeline. 
Being edited, look back later.  PDF file

National Energy Policy Opinion by AutoWeek 02-23-2009  PDF file
Ethics: Below is article from Fast Company July/Aug 2009
How Big is Too Big? Comparisons of house size and where US energy goes  PDF file

How big is Wal-Mart?    PDF file

US Births Chart   PDF file

Article from Dec. 2007 Inc. Magazine, 
in particular the info on Solar City  PDF file
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Building Design + Construction magazine does a good job of presenting  construction information.  To get access for PDF downloads, you will have click the "take the course" button, then register. 
Recommended are the following "white papers":

Green Buildings and Climate Change
6th in series of Reports on the Green Building Movement.

Green Building Insulation: The Environmental Benefits

Air Barriers in Building Construction

"Fast Company" Magazine January 2009, "Revolution in San Jose"
Cisco reinvents its management style to empower all of the company.

  (fa) Family Albumn

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