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between Horsham and Maple Glen, PA
New Family Room and Master Suite Addition
Starts with beautiful stone house, 1801 date stone, with existing 19th Century addition.  Great clients with great vision.
CDA really enjoys working with Owners who want to contribute their own "do it yourself" effort.  Spending money should be satisfying!

Above and below is the starting point

Concept Design proposal

Drawings below are 24x36 PDF files, print at 100% scale.
These drawings are dated 08-03-2012 and are issued for permits and construction.  There are 6 sheets in the set, see all.
Sheet 1: Site Plan
Sheet 2: First Floor Plan
Sheet 3: Basement & Foundation
Sheet 4: Second Floor & Attic
Sheet 5: Exterior Elevations
Sheet 6: Building Section & Construction Materials
Addition was expanded by 48" during construction,  See 8-1/2" x 11" sheets below for updates with electrical.

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