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Feasterville, PA
Lower Southampton Township
Drawings are formated to be printed "actual scale" on Architectural "D size" paper (24x36 inches), any changes will not print to scale.

Drawings below are "Permit Review" set dated June 13, 2013
Architectural Site Plan: Dwg 001
General Plan, Entire Building:  Dwg 002
Tenant Fit-out plan & Electrical:  Dwg 003
Sprinklers & HVAC: Dwg 004
Plumbing Schematic and Restrooms: Dwg 005
Doors, Windows, & Hardware: Dwg006
1/2" Scale Office area: Dwg007
Details, steps, rails, Room Finish Schedule: Dwg008
Code notes: Dwg009

Photos from April 2013
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